Combine SMS with Social

by Jay on June 14, 2012

Here’s a great example of how to cross-promote and build your social presence using SMS. 

Let’s say you create a campaign that asks your customers to recommend a unique new burger combination (like a peanut-butter pineapple burger…don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!) to add to your menu. You want people to come up with their favorite strange burger combination and post their responses on your Facebook page. Then, as judged by the Chef and kitchen staff, the best suggestion gets added to the menu (or as a special), and the person who suggested the winning combo gets ten free burgers!

- The restaurant sends a text out to all their diners with some sort of trivia question, puzzle or contest question. The text message also includes a short URL link to the restaurant’s Facebook Fan Page, where the diner can respond/answer. (You could also do this as an opt-in campaign, using table tents and signs to get people to enter and opt-in to your SMS list).

- Diners go to the Facebook Fan Page, and put their answer to whatever the question was, on the wall of the restaurant’s page.

- The restaurant then picks a winner (e.g. the first three people to respond, the best answer as voted on by the kitchen staff, etc.), and notifies them publicly on the fan page that they are the winner

- The diner goes into the restaurant to claim their prize, and everyone wins.

- You send an SMS message to all the non-winners thanking them for their suggestion, and give them a coupon for $2-$4 off to come in and try the winning burger!

You can set up your Facebook page so they have to “Like” it in order to post an answer, and they have to keep checking the Facebook page to find out who won (and of course they’ll be curious to see the other answers). Then, most importantly, they have to return to the restaurant to claim their prize!

What clever polls, contests or trivia questions can you think of to ramp up participation and create customer ENGAGEMENT with SMS and Social Media?

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